Compare The 2021 Kia K5 Vs. The 2021 Hyundai Sonata

Welcome to the Jim Ellis Kia K5 vs. Hyundai Sonata comparison page. If you're wondering which one of these sedans is going to be the most sure-fire way to crush your Monday morning, the answer's coming at you like a set of Multi-Reflector LED headlights! As you go through our Kia K5 vs. Hyundai Sonata comparison, we'll break each vehicle down into the categories that matter the most so you can clearly see the winner in this all-out shoot-out. If you have a feeling that you might already know who the winner is, jump right to our 2021 Kia K5 lease specials and put one in your driveway today!

Compare The 2021 Hyundai Sonata vs. The 2021 Kia K5

In the following table, we'll outline some of the key points that you'll want to know about when deciding between these two vehicles. Here's the main thing, though: if nothing else, the new Kia K5 for sale is all about being a real driver's car. You'll find enhanced performance options and styling throughout the dynamic K5.

Vehicle Details2021 Kia K5 LX Automatic FWD2021 Hyundai Sonata SE
Estimated Lease Price$199/month$229/month
Engine Specs
Engine Specs1.6 L Turbo Inline-4 Gas1.6 L Turbo Inline-4 Gas
Horsepower180 hp180 hp
Torque195 lb-ft @1500 rpm181 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Tranmission8-speed automatic8-speed automatic
Curb Weight3,115 lbs3,120 lbs
MPG Overview
City MPG29 mpg28 mpg
Highway MPG38 mpg38 mpg
Combined MPG32 mpg32 mpg
Fuel Tank Capacity14.8 gallons14.8 gallons
Cargo Space
Trunk Space16 cubic ft16 cubic ft
Safety Features
Back Up CameraStandardStandard
Cross Traffic AlertStandardNot Available
Lane Departure WarningStandard Standard
Brake AssistStandard Standard
Basic5 years / 60,000 miles6 years / 60,000 miles
Drivetrain10 years / 100,000 miles11 years / 100,000 miles
Consumer Rating

Though the entry point on either model might seem competitive, take a closer look at how the leasing plays out. The Kia K5 vs. Hyundai Sonata pricing battle swings more favorably to the Kia K5. The starting price is less, and the lease payment is less. Now that we've talked about what's less, here's what's more: the Kia K5 gives you a longer wheelbase, more front-seat headroom, more shoulder room, more hip room, and more rear-seat legroom. Remember, this is a sedan! Who wants to be cramped?

The 2021 Kia K5. Powerful Simplicity

For those of you familiar with the Kia brand, you might know that the all-new Kia K5 replaces the Kia Optima. Kia is trending more towards performance across all models, and the Optima needed to be... well… optimized. The design team took what was best about the nameplate and infused it with race-inspired driving dynamics for a vehicle that looks unlike anything else out there. We're so sure about the Kia K5's performance that it's worth noting that it recently outpaced the BMW 330i. The Hyundai Sonata, alas, did not. So with respect to Kia K5 vs. Hyundai Sonata real-world performance testing, the winner is clear.

Why Would You Want a 2021 Hyundai Sonata?

Let's be realistic. You want a performance sedan because you're either commuting with coworkers or your family and friends. It seems reasonable to think that you'd want to get the most value out of the car itself, right? According to EPA estimates, the Kia K5 gives you better MPG, which results in a greater overall range given that both vehicles share the same fuel tank size. Greater range = fewer fill-ups = more money in your pocket. The Kia K5 is also quicker to 60 mph than the Sonata. Additionally, the Kia K5 edged out the Sonata in crash testing. Only the Kia K5 was named a Top Safety Pick+ by the IIHS. So, the Kia K5 vs. Hyundai Sonata in terms of overall value? We think the answer is clear.

But Don't Take Our Word for It. Here Are Some Kia K5 Reviews:

Car & Driver states that the Kia K5 is "Gorgeous outside and in… upscale features at a friendly price… base powertrain has satisfying operation." You know what they said about the Sonata? Would you buy or lease a car with an "Indifferent driving experience?"
Road Show calls the 2021 Kia K5 "The one to beat." They review the Kia K5 and rave about its distinctive styling, athleticism, and essential standard safety features.
Independent experts rate the Kia K5 a 5 out of 5 in overall ratings and reviews. Drivers love the upscale temperature controlled seats, quiet cabin, and futuristic driver's cockpit, among many other features.

Did we forget to mention that the stunning new Kia K5 also has an available AWD system? The Hyundai Sonata, as you may have guessed, doesn't offer this. Learn more about the Kia K5, and find the trim that's right for you. Even though the winner seems evident to us in the Kia K5 vs. Hyundai Sonata comparison, we'll outline just a few more popular FAQs that we handle over here at Jim Ellis Kia:

Does the Kia K5 and Hyundai Sonata come with AWD options?

Well, the Kia k5 DOES! The Hyundai Sonata, well, sings a one-word sad song that goes something like this: "no."

What's the price difference between the Hyundai Sonata and Kia K5?

The entry point on the Kia K5 is lower than the Hyundai Sonata. As you move up through the model trims, there is plenty of overlap. However, the top model Kia K5 GT starts at about $30,590,1 whereas Hyundai will tack on an extra $5K just for fun.

Which is better: The Kia K5 or Hyundai Sonata?

That's a tough question to answer, believe it or not. "Better" is an entirely subjective word, but if our above discussion means anything to you, then the Kia K5 offers you more for less and embraces a real fastback design. What kind of driver are you?

The Hyundai Sonata vs. Kia K5: Results

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