KIA Telluride Vs. Hyundai Palisade Differences

We can guess that you've visited our Kia Telluride vs. Hyundai Palisade comparison for a specific reason. That would be a desire for the latest and greatest that the SUV world has to offer. Two incredible offerings at a competitive price, you'll be getting ample cargo room, eye-catching style, plenty of cutting-edge tech, and a remarkable amount of expectation-defying luxury in each. Be sure to check out our inventory of Kia Telluride lease deals for even more value.

KIA Telluride or Hyundai Palisade — The Choice Is Yours

Similar, but different. When you begin to compare Kia Telluride to Hyundai Palisade, many unique distinctions reveal themselves. Both have earned their fair share of awards and accolades, and both offer competitive features, practicality, and much more. But it goes deeper than that, and we'll take you through all you need to know. If you're looking for smaller, all-electric SUVs, then be sure to check out our Kia Niro EV vs. Hyundai Kona Electric guide. Regardless, let's start with a quick rundown of specs:

KIA Telluride
Kia Telluride
Models: LX, S, EX, SX
Horsepower: 291hp
Drive Type: FWD
Seating: 8
Body style: SUV
EPA estimated range: 376
Base MSRP: $32,190
Hyundai Palisade
Hyundai Palisade
Models: SE, SEL, Limited, Caligraphy
Horsepower: 291hp
Drive Type: FWD
Seating: 8
Body style: SUV
EPA estimated range: 488.8
Base MSRP: $32,675

KIA Telluride vs. Hyundai Palisade: An Exterior Overview

The most obvious point of distinction in a Kia Telluride vs. Hyundai Palisade comparison is the exterior. For the Palisade, a focus on more elegant luxury is apparent. A big chrome grille, sleek body lines, and LED blade lights make it plain and evident that you're looking at a Palisade. On the Telluride side of things, a more rugged look means absolute business. Styling elements like orange LED daytime running lights and an aggressive grille make it undeniably a Telluride.

If the focus for their design didn't give it away, the Palisade aims for elegance, while the Telluride strikes a more rugged balance. Both will impress with their capabilities and luxury-filled interiors, though. What is also worth noting is that the two SUVs are developed on the same platform. But the two brands do separate tuning and adjustments, resulting in slightly different driving dynamics for each.

KIA Telluride vs. Hyundai Palisade: On the Inside

Firstly, practicality comes in with a 21 cubic-foot cargo capacity for both. But here's where things get really good, as the interiors of both SUVs are so competitive that they'll give established luxury vehicles a run for their money.

Starting with the Telluride, you'll find premium materials, available leather upholstery, and an overall design that's as modern as can be. What's more, you get standard tech like a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with voice command navigation, USB ports in each row of seating, and a whole lot more. Available features like dual sunroofs, a Harman Kardon 10-speaker sound system, heated and ventilated front seats, a head-up display, wireless device charging, and sumptuous captain's chairs for the second row, among others. All this means you and your passengers will all be in the lap of luxury when you choose a new Kia Telluride for sale.

The Palisade is a similar story. The design differs in areas like the dashboard and center console, but overall the two are quite similar. A familiar sheet of features furthers that. Included in this, you'll find standard bits like an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, USB ports in each row of seating, and much more. Standard features the Telluride beats the Palisade in are push-button and remote start and a 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system, as the Palisade has them as options instead. Options are great on the Palisade, though, including a 12.3-inch full digital gauge cluster and Harman Kardon 12-speaker sound system.

KIA Telluride vs. Hyundai Palisade: Performance and Safety

In the battle of Hyundai Palisade vs. Kia Telluride, both SUVs come in with similar performance. A 3.8-liter V-6 engine can be found in each, with an output of 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque powering them both. As well, both of their all-terrain capabilities can be enhanced with available all-wheel drive. Towing-wise, you'll get a max rating of 5,000 lbs for both.

Safety is a great point for both. You'll have access to a suite of available driver assists like forward collision avoidance, blind-spot collision avoidance, lane-keeping assist, and smart cruise control on the Telluride. The same goes for the Palisade, meaning both will keep you and your family safe on the road.

KIA Telluride vs. Hyundai Palisade: Price

Like many of the other aspects in this comparison, pricing for both the Telluride and Palisade comes in at a nearly identical but slightly different range. For the 2022 Telluride, the base trim starting MSRP is $32,790, while the 2021 Palisade starts with an MSRP of $32,675. That's a lot of value. For the Palisade, though, the top-end Calligraphy trim has a starting MSRP of $46,200. The Telluride top-trim, the SX, has a starting MSRP of $42,690, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Telluride bigger than the Palisade?

Yes, both inside and out. Exterior dimensions on the Telluride are larger by around an inch in most areas. On the inside of the Telluride, you get 21 cubic feet of storage behind the third-row of seating, with 46 cubic feet when those seats are folded. Fold the second row as well and that number grows to 87 cubic feet. For the Palisade, those figures are 18 cubic feet, 45.8 cubic feet, and 86.4 cubic feet, respectively.

Why is the Telluride rated higher than the Palisade?

Some have given the Telluride a higher predicted reliability rating, but that's exactly that — a prediction. There are several tangible aspects that may have earned the Telluride its higher rating. Firstly, on the Telluride you get a slightly larger cargo capacity. While both interiors are spectacular, some also consider the Telluride to have the more upscale of the two. Really, though, neither is a bad choice. It's all a matter of what you're looking for.

Is the Palisade more expensive than the Telluride?

Yes, although not by a whole lot. When you're looking to buy a Telluride, you'll find a starting MSRP of $32,790, while for the Palisade, a starting MSRP of $32,675 will accompany it. On the top-trims, though, the Palisade reverses this dynamic. For a range-topping Telluride SX, expect to pay a starting MSRP of $42,690, while the top-end Palisade Calligraphy will run you a starting MSRP of $46,200.

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