Kia Spa

Jim Ellis Kia of Kennesaw is happy to announce new car detailing services at our Kia Spa! Our on-site detail team performs detail services on all our new vehicles, but we're excited to now offer these vehicle detail services to our current and loyal Kia clients. Take a look below at our current detailing packages and let us know which one sounds like the best fit for you and your Kia!

Suddenly Spotless - $249.95
Our Suddenly Spotless package includes a complete detail of both the exterior and interior of your Kia. This package takes between 4 - 6 hours to complete, and includes a hand wash of your vehicle as well as your rims and tires where our team will add tire shine. Our Jim Ellis Kia detail team will also clean your windows, inside and out! From there our team will move to the interior where they'll shampoo your carpets and cloth seats, clean and wipe down your hard surfaces including dash, instrument cluster, and door panels. If your vehicle has leather seats our team will clean and condition them as well. Once the inside is sparkling clean, our detail team will begin cleaning your vehicle's wheel wells and engine bay. After our team has made sure your Kia is squeaky clean, they'll apply a Ceramic Spray Wax on the exterior before returning it you as if it was a brand new vehicle!

Detail Glaze - $149.95
Our Detail Glaze package focuses on the exterior of your Kia, and takes between 2 - 4 hours to perform. It includes all of the exterior options from our Suddenly Spotless package: a full hand wash of your vehicle, hand wash of your rims and tires while adding tire shine, clean your exterior window glass, and finally cleaning and dressing your engine bay. Once our detail team has this completed, they'll finish your Kia off with our Ceramic Spray Wax on the exterior. Your Kia will be as good as new before you know it!

Detail Delight - $149.95
Meet our interior detail package, the Detail Delight. This package takes between 2 - 4 hours as well and focuses on each nook and cranny of the inside of your Kia. Our detail team will begin by hand washing your vehicle's exterior before moving to the interior for a full detail. They'll begin by vacuuming and shampooing your carpets to make sure any dirt or debris is washed out. They will then move onto cleaning hard surfaces such as your dash, instrument cluster and door panels. They'll finish up the interior detail by cleaning your seats (shampooing if cloth and conditioning if leather) and wiping down interior window glass. With the Detail Delight package, the inside of your Kia will smell and look like brand new!

Light Touch - $49.95
Want something a step above a simple car wash? The Light Touch package is perfect for you! This package takes around 45 minutes and starts with by hand washing your vehicle's exterior, rims and tires before adding tire shine. Our team will then vacuum the interior to get any dirt or debris out, clean your windows, and wipe down any hard surfaces inside your vehicle. The Light Touch is the perfect "pick me up" wash for your Kia!