KIA Dashboard Light Symbols Meaning

Ah, Kia warning lights and symbols. The meaning can evade you if you are not privy to automotive services. Luckily, our service center is full of petrol heads who know a thing or two about Kia maintenance requests on models like the Kia Sportage -- especially dashboard warning symbols.

What Do the Lights on My Dashboard Mean?

Check Engine Light

This light will appear for a number of reasons, some of which are not always directly related to the engine itself. Our service specialists can diagnose your engine light and see which code is triggering it and why. If the light is flashing, please book a service with us immediately.

Coolant Temperature

This one can be a doozy. You'll see this symbol when the vehicle's engine temperature is too hot. If you run the risk of an engine overheating, it will populate so you can check your coolant levels. If you're unable to get to a service center in time and see this light appear, look at the thermometer on your dashboard and stop the vehicle to let your car cool down. From there, add coolant so you can safely drive to a service center.


The "service soon" indicator light can mean several different ailments. There could be a mechanical issue at bay, or you might just need to bring your vehicle in for some routine maintenance. Keeping up with the factory-recommended service intervals can help you decipher the importance of this indicator. It could also be a sensor! When this light appears, the best course of action is to bring your car in so we can decipher the Kia warning light's and symbol's meaning.

Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Light

These Kia dashboard warning lights will appear from time to time, either when you need fluid in your stopping system or if you have initiated your emergency parking brake. You should see the light disappear after releasing the parking brake. If you notice the emergency brake symbol is not illuminated, but the indicator warning light is, you might need to check the brake fluid levels in your Kia model.

Anti-lock Brakes

As far as Kia dashboard warning lights go, this one is like the Brake Fluid Warning Light and Parking Brake indicators. You'll see this light appear when you start your vehicle, which is a signal of its functionality. It will then disappear after a few moments. If the signal lingers, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a quick brake inspection.

Cruise Control

Whenever you're cruising down the highway in your Kia Sorento and decide you want to throw your vehicle into "cruise control" mode to keep pace with traffic, this light will appear. It should turn off when you disengage the cruise control system.


This symbol represents that your ignition is locked. It will appear to indicate the requirement of an alarm code, which is what you'll need to unlock it.

Traction Control/ESP

If you find yourself navigating super-slippery surfaces around Atlanta, GA, then you may see this light appear. It is merely to let you know that the traction control system is functioning, protecting you and your passengers.


When you throw your vehicle in "performance mode" by selecting it from the Drive Mode Selector section of your vehicle, this light will appear on your dashboard.

Wiper Fluid

Is your windshield frequently posing as a graveyard for insects? If so, your wiper fluid might be working overtime and need a refill. When this occurs, you'll see this symbol appear. Our service center will ensure that the wiper fluids are filled to the adequate levels, providing you with optimal visibility wherever you go.

Airbag Warning

As the airbags are a very important safety feature, the warning light indicates a hazardous problem brewing. If this symbol appears on your dashboard, we highly recommend taking immediate action and getting the light diagnosed by one of our specialists in Kennesaw, GA.

Door Ajar

You might hear a chime or audible indicator when this symbol appears, which is to let you know that you have left one of the doors of your vehicle open. To turn this alert off, simply shut the appropriate door.

Headlight/Tail light

If one of your tail lights or headlights experience an outage or are not functioning correctly, this light indicator will populate. If you see this, we recommend stopping at a local service center like ours and having your bulb changed. It only takes a few minutes!

ESP Fault

This symbol will appear when there is a malfunction with the traction control or electronic stability system. Should this symbol populate on your dashboard, do not take it lightly. Bring your vehicle in for servicing and have an expert diagnose the problem.

Gas Cap

You will see this symbol populate when you fail to properly seal your gas cap. This can occur when you're moving too fast at a gas station or, say, someone else fills up your tank. To deactivate the trigger, pull over and check your gas cap. Is it tight? Similarly, this problem can also cause a check engine symbol to appear.

TPMS Warning Light

This vehicle service indicator appears when the air in your tires is low, often appearing like a horseshoe. Each one of the Kia vehicles we sell features a Kia recommended psi level, so if you see this, pull out your owner's manual and decipher what that level should be. Adding air to the low tire (or tires) should reset the light quickly.

Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning

There is a required amount that your oil levels need to meet for your vehicle to function properly. Your model's motor will not maintain the oil pressure without the proper amount of oil. This can cause the engine to overheat, and thus, die. If this light appears, pull over when it is safe to do so and check your oil levels. If the oil level looks reasonable, a sensor might be at fault.


Of Kia warning lights and symbols, this one should rarely make an appearance. In fact, this symbol appears when your vehicle's battery doesn't have the power to jump-start the vehicle. Appropriate next steps will include checking the battery, jump-starting your vehicle, or bringing the model into our service center for a new battery purchase.

If a dashboard warning light has populated, there's no need to fall into a frenzy. Dashboard warning lights exist to alert you of systems that are either working correctly or improperly.

The mere presence of a service light or symbol is not always a direct indicator of a problem. There might even be a time when a light populates due to a faulty sensor, in which case a simple reset can help you.

Another instance of a warning light populating without the presence of a looming issue would be when you put on your high beams. It serves as an indicator that they're on, so you know not to blind everyone when you jump back on the highway. It's always wise to consult your owner's manual, where you can find an image of Kia warning light symbols.

So, what are the different Kia warning lights and symbols meaning to indicate? We've outlined some of the symbols you might find below, along with descriptions of their functionality. Enjoy!

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So, there you have it: all you need to know about dashboard warning lights and more. If you see multiple Kia warning lights and symbols, meaning your vehicle is in serious need of some TLC, bring it in! Our service center will happily assist you in any way that we can. It's what we do.